New Moon: What to Do and What to Avoid

New Moon: What to Do and What to Avoid

The new moon, a phase where the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun and is not visible from Earth, holds significant importance in various cultures and spiritual practices. This phase marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and is often associated with new beginnings, setting intentions, and initiating changes. Here’s a guide on what activities are most suitable during the new moon and what should be avoided.

What to Do During the New Moon

  1. Set Intentions and Goals
    • The new moon is an ideal time to reflect on your desires and set new intentions. Write down your goals and aspirations for the coming lunar cycle. This practice can help clarify your focus and manifest your dreams.
  2. Start New Projects
    • Launching new projects or initiatives during the new moon can be beneficial. The energy of this phase supports new beginnings, making it a perfect time to start a new business, hobby, or any creative endeavor.
  3. Meditate and Reflect
    • Use this time for introspection and meditation. Reflect on the past lunar cycle, assess your progress, and identify areas for improvement. Meditation can help clear your mind and prepare you for the new beginnings ahead.
  4. Cleanse Your Space
    • Physical and energetic cleansing of your living or working space can set the stage for new beginnings. Declutter, clean, and use sage or incense to clear any stagnant energy. A fresh environment can enhance your productivity and well-being.
  5. Plant Seeds
    • In gardening, the new moon is considered a favorable time for planting seeds. The moon’s gravitational pull is believed to encourage strong root growth. This is a great metaphor for starting new projects or habits.

What to Avoid During the New Moon

  1. Major Decisions
    • Avoid making major decisions or commitments during the new moon. Instead, use this time for planning and setting intentions. Wait for more clarity and the waxing moon phase to take decisive action.
  2. Overexertion
    • The new moon phase is a time of rest and rejuvenation. Avoid overexerting yourself physically or mentally. Allow yourself to relax and recharge in preparation for the active phases ahead.
  3. Negative Thinking
    • Try to steer clear of negative thoughts and emotions. The new moon is about new beginnings and positive changes. Focus on positive affirmations and visualize your goals coming to fruition.
  4. Finalizing Plans
    • This phase is more suited for brainstorming and setting intentions rather than finalizing plans. Allow ideas to develop and mature as the moon waxes before making final decisions.
  5. Launching Major Events
    • Avoid launching significant events or making public announcements during the new moon. This phase is best used for preparation and planning. The energy is more inward-focused, so wait until the waxing moon for more outward activities.


The new moon is a powerful phase for new beginnings, introspection, and setting intentions. By aligning your activities with the natural rhythms of the moon, you can harness its energy to support your goals and well-being. Remember to use this time for reflection, planning, and gentle action, and avoid overexertion or making major decisions. Embrace the fresh start that the new moon offers and set the stage for a successful lunar cycle ahead.